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With agricultural communities, investors and execution firms, we're
Accelerating distributed sustainable infrastructure projects
who we are
Argo has a proven track-record of developing successful distributed sustainable infrastructure projects.


of combined experience in engineering, project development & finance, and consulting​


Sustainable infrastructure projects developed, engineered, commissioned, and operated​


of distributed sustainable infrastructure projects evaluated for private equity firms

who we help
Our Collective Development Platform aligns the interests of the local community, investors, and execution firms to successfully develop distributed sustainable infrastructure.

Local Community

Provide the land and natural resources required to host and operate distributed projects

Execution Firms

Provide the skills and resources to design and build distributed projects


Provide the financial resources and institutional relationships to fund distributed projects

who we help
Ag-based distributed sustainable infrastructure projects are essential to the net-zero transition.
our development philosophy
A collective development approach is needed to navigate the complexities of distributed sustainable infrastructure projects.
our development philosophy
Successful projects place the local community at the center of the collective development effort.

Understand the operational realities of the local agricultural ecosystem.

Quantify the value of current practices to all stakeholders.

Develop a business deal that increases total value for the community.

Involve the community in decision-making throughout project development.

our development philosophy
Argo’s Community Dividend program empowers the community to participate in project success.
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